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On September 29th, 2015, we opened Tampa Triumph at 7000 N Dale Mabry Highway, the first and only Triumph flagship store in Florida. The Tampa Triumph project represents a significant and major investment in the future by our company and a strong belief in the continuing growth of Dorsch Inc. Tampa Triumph features Triumph’s new premium modern retail design and includes a full lineup of new Triumph motorcycles including modern classics, cruisers, touring, adventure, sport and roadsters, as well as premium pre-owned motorcycles of all makes and models. Tampa Triumph also carries top notch accessories, parts, and clothing brands including SHOEI, KABUTO, HJC, VOSS, FLY, DAVIDA, GMAX, JOE ROCKET, BRITISH CUSTOMS, RAM MOUNT, DUNLOP, PIRELLI, METZLER, TOURMASTER, MICHELIN, NELSON RIGG. Additionally, the service department includes state of the art equipment for all motorcycle makes and models.

Latest Reviews

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Mark Fannin
Great staff and cool atmosphere at Tampa Triumph! It was a pleasure meeting everyone, looking forward to returning for first service! (Employee: Craig Blackwood, Tami Viera, Don Baker, Dillon Connolly)
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ken Pringle
Very friendly and abiding (Employee: Craig Blackwood)
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James White
Outstanding service, thank you for keeping us on the road (Employee: Dillon Connolly)
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Richard Rodriguez
The team at Tampa Triumph is awesome, thanks for taking good care of her and making her feel like the first time I started her up and fell in love with the sound of her pipes. (Employee: Dillon Connolly)
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David Hobbs
Recently purchased a new set of tires with Starrs help. She let me know the brand availability which made my decision making easier. Will be in soon to have them mounted. Thank you Starr! (Employee: Starr Lopez-Gonzalez)
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Thumper McKenzie
Great experience working with your staff at Tampa Triumph. I have purchased two motorcycles here and I was treated like family.
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Craig Harridge
I brought my Rocket III Touring in for front end crash repairs. The job required an extended period of time due to the fact that the front suspension needed to be shipped from the UK. No problem there, it's a problem one needs to accept with an imported bike. Here are the problems I experienced. My motorcycle was crashed and unridable, so I had to transport it to the shop on a trailer. For insurance reasons I was denied access to the dealership property, necessitating having to unload it on the street and push it onto the property. How foolish is that? I don't figure that anyone from your insurance company would be willing to help push either. My beef is not with Tampa Triumph, but your insurance company has GOT to be a bit more reasonable with their regulations. My other complaint IS with your dealership. After the repairs and maintenance had all been completed, I had a few questions to ask the person who had performed the procedures. I understand that your mechanic has a fairly heavy work load, but having spent in excess of $5000 in your business, I didn't think it asking too much to speak with your mechanic concerning repairs and maintenance performed as well as future maintenance requirements. I feel like I'd have had better luck speaking with the governor. Other than that, the bike runs great. Sorry I couldn't have offered a more favorable review, but when a paying customer feels like a nuisance, what would you expect? (Employee: Don Baker)
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Jake Kennedy
I just got a new street twin and had awesome service! They worked with me ALOT to get me a motorcycle when no one else would and will definitely be back in the future. Definitely recommend!
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David Cox
I have throughly enjoyed riding this bike for 14,500 miles when in bad hot traffic I felt the bike overheated by blowing steam out under the bike. Don didnt think it was a problem but immediately opened up space for me to bring it in. There was no problem but They flushed the cooling system. Back enjoying 250 miles the next day.
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Tim B.
The entire staff at Tampa Triumph know what Customer Service is all about and I will be a customer for life. KJ, Craig, Don, Starr, and Tami treat you like family and really care. They are the Best! And Dillon is a amazing Technician, my Explorer is well taken care of. Go to Tampa Triumph, you will be impressed! (Employee: Craig Blackwood, Dillon Connolly, Don Baker, Starr Lopez-Gonzalez, Tami Viera, Kendrix Jones)